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About Us


Delian Technology & Trading Beijing Co. Ltd. is a leading producer and technology provider of commodities , products and a global acting import & export marketer. With over 20 years of global manufacturing experience and an extensive network of partners and alliances in China and Europe, we are able to deliver proven solutions to today’s complex manufacturing challenges.

Delian combines the strength of international technology and science capabilities with the knowledge and supply provided through its own diversified portfolio of production and delivery assets. Based in China with co operation partners and representative offices in Europe, Far East , Middle East and US we optimize every segment of the product and production value chain, we manage both physical and financial deliveries starting from science, technology, raw material and energy supply to products in bulk or ready for sales products.

Delian offers co benefits through our network within our group of companies and the strong international presence of our partners from the Raw Material, Manufacturing, Science & Technology , Import & Export Industry, supported by local and international Government Administrations and Research Institutions.