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Agricultural Products

Delian’s agricultural products include wheat, corn, barley, rice, oilseeds, edible oil, cotton, bio-energy materials, food and food additives.

Science & Technology & Products & Services

  • Grain and Oilseed
    Delian and its subsidiaries process, handle and market wheat, corn, barley, rice, oilseeds, edible oils.
  • Cotton
    Delian, itself or through its subsidiaries, is a leading participant in the global Cotton business for Medical and Care Products. Delian’s cotton is sourced mainly from N-S America.
  • Bio-energy
    Delian and its sister company Alliance Energy Invetsment Co, Ltd. are one of the world’s largest traders and suppliers of biofuels for power production and manufacturing. To improve power generating options, we have the technology and equipment for coal and gas-fired power plant projects including the co-firing with biofuel. Our materials include wood pellets, wood chips, crops and others. Soy hull pellets and peanut husk pellets have been tested and approved for large-scale co-firing. In addition, we are exploring continuously the possible use of agro-residues as a biofuel input.
  • Food and Food Additive
  • Baby and Care Food
  • Wine, Beer Ingredients and Finished Products
  • OEKO and Biofood Series