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Industrial Manufacturing


DELIAN offers more than 15,000 products, including carbon and stainless steel, pipes and tubes, industrial gases, coke, and new and used technical equipment for the manufacturing and production sectors. DELIAN also distributes non-ferrous metals, paper, glass and plastics. It customizes its materials products to client preferences by cutting, sawing, firing, milling, drilling, and coating. Additionally, it offers manufacturing process services, such as purchasing/production/sales support, plant logistics, and infrastructure engineering. DELIAN serves clients primarily in China, Europe, Australia and North America.

Science & Technology & Products & Services

  • Minerals and Metals (Steel, Copper, Iron Ore, Rare Earth Metals)
  • Paper: from Pulp, to special coated Paper and Packaging solutions
  • Additives for Motor, Machines and Equipment
  • Adhesive Products and Technology for Industrial High Tech Processes